Thursday, June 10, 2010

Crazy but normal.....I guess

Well so far today has been pretty normal Peyton'sbeen crawling around getting into everything LOL and Michael is currently rearraging our living room to make more space .....the only out of the ordnary thing that has happened today is that at 4:30 this morning our neighbor boy came knocking on our door !!! at first did not get up in time so he left n we went back to sleep well then 15 min later he was back so Michael got up to see WTH he wanted he said he was locked out so we let him use the phone no answer so he ended up sleeping on the porch !! Well come to find out he got kicked out of his house because him n our neighbors daughter broke up !?! What kinda mind frame so u have to be in to come knocking on peoples door at 4:30am n trying to get in a house u know ur not suppose to be at ...UGH sometime people just dont make ne sence to me

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