Saturday, May 29, 2010

What a day...

Well today started off pretty bad i got woke up on my sleep in day (where michael gets up with Peyton and i can sleep til i wake up YAY )by mu friend texting me well i tried to ingore it n she kept on so i anweres it we texted a couple of things n then i told her we could not go to the movies like we had planned because i f'ed up the budget this week so we had to go next week well she proceded to tell me what my husband and i should spend our money on ,and just to let you know i used our movie money on formula for my son and i do not feel bad about it ne ways michael ended up getting into it and texted her which stared a whole bunch of s**t so i called my friend nikole in crying my eyes out and her and her family came over and took me michael and peyton out to the lake to bbq and swim .....and it was just what we needed peton had a blast it was his first time at the lake and he loved floating around and being outdoors in the fresh summer air it was the best time i have had in a while thanks nikole for being there n i know we will have a blast next month in St.Louis :)

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